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EMFs! Do you have any questions or concerns? Are you worried about safe levels, potential health effects and how to reduce EMF exposure? Do you know where emissions come from? Click below for a consult to learn more.

Optimize Wellness! If you are suffering from anxiety, headaches, depression, insomnia, fatigue and cognitive dysfunction, it may be due to exposure to mold. Click below for a consult to inspect your home or office.

Health and wellness are extremely important. If you want to improve your wellness through reducing EMF and mold exposure, better nutrition, detoxifying, implementing energy practises and low cost health interventions as well as identifying beliefs and emotions that may be taxing your health. Click below for a consult and take a step towards a better you!

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Questions about EMF’s

For example about the potential health effects, suggested safety levels, how to reduce exposure to them, who the emissions are from specific sources like cell phones or light bulbs, etc.

Questions about health symptoms and links to EMF and Mold exposure

like insomnia, headaches, anxiety, depression, brain fog, lethargy.

Questions about how to optimize wellness

through EMF remediation, nutrition & detox, identifying emotions and beliefs that don’t serve you, and implementing energy practices and low cost heath interventions in your life.

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