If you are living in the U.S. the answer is a resounding YES!

Because of the biological stressors of electromagnetic frequencies, ubiquitous mold exposure, toxic home materials and more, staying healthy in the 21st Century has become increasingly challenging. It’s time to take control of your own health. VitalHome has a proven, effective method of reclaiming your strength, energy and resiliency.

EMF Pollution

Although there has been a lot of attention recently on electromagnetic pollution, most of us remain unaware of the specific ways that electromagnetic frequencies in our own homes and workplaces are adversely affecting our health. Yet, as they say, ignorance is no excuse. It is time to know specifically and precisely the sources of these (and other) toxic exposures.

VitalHome is a nationwide company. No matter where you live, we have assessors who will give you accurate information about the stressors and dangers of your environment. Following our assessment, we then offer effective remediation steps to make your space a safe and health-inducing environment.  We offer the most effective products and resources to protect you from the full gamut of toxic exposure.

Among the products we offer are :

air and water purification systems

wifi routers, phone and smart meter protection devices

health products and supplements


assessment meters

These are the same products that our staff use for their own families, home, and workspaces. We sell them because we know they are the most effective products on the market.