When my mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and given no promise or hope for cure from traditional western medicine. This was an entirely unacceptable situation to me. It was 50 years ago, long before the internet. There was no easy way of researching who was doing what with which diseases. I made it my mission to find the healing practitioners who were successfully treating cancers. I was led to an organization, the Foundation for Advancement of Cancer Therapies. The first of its kind this foundation’s purpose was to disseminate information about non-toxic, biological therapies of cancer. Through the guidance of FACT’s founder, the late Ruth Sackman, my mother reversed her cancer. Her doctors were flummoxed. They had never seen bone that had been eaten away by cancer come back to full integrity.


Back then, all we had as tools for reversal of disease were diet/nutrition and detoxification. However, the world was cleaner, our bodies were more resilient and we were exposed to far fewer toxins. Those two prongs of wellness were sufficient for my mother’s happy return to health, cancer-free. She went from being in a wheelchair to vigorously playing tennis again. I became Ruth’s assistant, and learned all there was to know, at that time, about reversing disease through diet/nutrition and detoxification.

La Casa begins

I created the first La Casa in Puerto Rico as a small holistic resort. As I saw with my mother, we witnessed miracles at La Casa with our five-day workshops. We teach people about lifestyle changes. They take these home with them: cholesterol dropping 70 points; MS patients throwing away their crutches; cancers reversed. La Casa New York followed in 1993. We are the oldest wellness center in NYC. Our profoundly effective therapies offer cleansing, detoxification, rejuvenation, and cellular regeneration. We offer colonics, PhotoBiomodulation, ozone, InfraRed/Salt Sauna. We also offer PEMF, EWOT, H2 inhalation, frequency scans and treatments, energy medicine, and much more.

Jane G. Goldberg, Ph.D
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