Blackout patches


Very versatile in use and application. Example: make your own credit card sleeve or shielded passport, line your purse, wallet, cellphone case or even your backpack. The pocket lining can be very discreet, but provide all the protection you need.

Block the radiation output by wrapping the shield around the WiFi node. No need to worry about radiation affecting your homoeopathy bottles. Simply wrap your bottles with the adhesive patch. You can create an RF gasket, shield parts of a circuit board or attach a ground cord to fabric with this very versatile shielding patch. Application of the shielding patch is easy. Peel off a paper backing layer to reveal an incredibly strong adhesive that remains easy to cut into the size or shape required. The adhesive patch is flexible, metalized, conductive on either side and doesn’t stretch when applied. Solid black in colour and with a frequency protection level of 40-50 dB from 10 MHz to 10 GHz. Each purchase pack includes 2 pieces, each being 5.5 x 8inches. Not for direct skin application. Not machine washable.



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