disposable Shielding Tent

“Portable RF Haven”

What can be done when you find yourself at a place where you can’t change the environment and relief is needed from smart meters, wifi, cellphone and other wireless signals? This tent, manufactured with aluminized Mylar (known extensively for its excellent RF shielding ability, fortitude and light-weight feel) is so versatile and practical you will include one every time you travel. It is essentially a tube measuring 8 feet long, with a perimeter of 10 feet and open at both ends. Can be used the same way as a tent or a sleeping bag. If you use it as a tent it will require some support structure, which isn’t included. Or slit it open to a giant 8×10 foot sheet which is big enough for a king-size bed blanket, ground cover, personal wrap or window curtain. The material can be trimmed with ordinary scissors to create a skirt, poncho or a cover for wifi modems etc. It can also create a shield against the hot sun, keeping you cool and alternatively keep you warm when the temperature drops. The best part of it all is that it offers a >20 dB microwave shielding. Completely waterproof and windproof too. We classify it as disposable, however, you can definitely re-use it. Weighs only 7 ounces and measures 6×8 inches and when folded. Can be stored safely for years and be ready to use when needed. Perfect for car, suitcase, camping or home use. The side that is less slippery is the conductive side to make for easy grounding.



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