Ex Static Fabric


A fabric that weighs next to nothing, this conductive, strong fabric is fantastic for static discharge and grounding. The material is manufactured from 13% grey BASF carbon fibres and 87% polyester, intertwined and woven into the fabric in a diamond shape, creating a surface resistivity of 105Ω’s per square. Has an enjoyable, snug feel and weighs only 3 oz per square yard and the best part is it can be sewn, cut and washed like any polyester fabric.

The conductivity effectiveness has a limit of 50 or more washes on low heat. The versatility of the fabric allows you to sew it into anything you can imagine, like grounded surfaces, appliance covers, drapes, clothing and so much more. One client utilizes the fabric as a scarf to reduce EMF noise. Each fabric piece is 64” wide and coloured white with a gray diamond pattern.



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