ferrite Snap beads


Cables can act as an antenna, especially if they pass close to a strong source of radiofrequency radiation. One study has suggested that if the cable of a hands-free mic passes near the phone’s antenna, it can pick up some radiation and transmit it to your ear. Our ferrite snap bead is designed to reduce RF radiation in the cable. Made in 2 halves, you simply press it around the hands-free wire at any convenient location near the earpiece end.

Couldn’t be simpler. It is small and lightweight enough to be almost unnoticeable, yet powerful enough (50 ohm impedance minimum) to control nasty radiation. These are brand new, top quality and will accommodate wires up to 5 mm (3/16 inch) in diameter. About 1 inch long, grey colour. If you are concerned about radiation from your hands-free ear mic, this is the answer. Useful from 200-1000 MHz.



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