Protects the neck, ears and entire head!
Have you ever wanted a simple solution to shield your entire head? The headnet is spacious and sheer enough to see through easily. It can slip over a wide-brimmed hat without a problem (to keep it off your face). It provides shielding of 99.7% across the frequency range of 10MHz – 3GHz and shields at over 94% at 5.6GHz.

There are many signals that transmit at these frequencies including phone masts, cordless phones, Wi-Fi, mobile phones and even radio and TV broadcasts. This shielding head net is manufactured from ‘Silver Supershield’ which is a double Silver-plated Nylon. It provides the highest level of microwave shielding, making it virtually impenetrable. A drawstring at the neck allows for easy adjusting to make them fit the most comfortable for each individual. The design allows you to put the shield on quickly and also remove it easily. There are no individual sizes as the shield is designed to fit everyone. This is currently the highest shielding headnet available today!

(The hat isn’t part of the package and is shown to illustrate how the shield is used only).



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