A cotton blend material created with microfine stainless steel fibers to create a low cost, durable fabric. At a 1000 Ohm per sq on the surface, it is perfect for use for static discharge and is simple to use to make a ground connection. Fabric can be cut, sewn and can also be machine washed. STATICOT™ shielding fabric leaves a comfortable, fresh feel when worn and is slightly magnetic. Almost 40 dB tested up to 40 GHz. 230g/m², light green in color, 60 inch wide, 28% Stainless steel, 36% cotton and 36% polyester.

Technical specifications:

  • 8 micron, 316L stainless steel twisted with cotton blend
  • Yarn count: 21S * 21S,
  • Density: 110 * 72 (warp*weft per inch) Thickness: 0.36mm
  • Width: 60 inch
  • Weight: 230g/m²
  • Resistivity: 1000 Ohm/sq
  • Color: light green
  • Base: Cotton blend
  • Conductor: pure Stainless Steel threads




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