stretch Conductive Fabric


This is designed to be medical grade shielding, elastic fibre fabric. Manufactured from a blend of 76% silver-plated elastic fibre and only 24% Nylon. The material is very versatile and can be utilized as an antibacterial wound dressing, (not sterile), electrode contacts and for stretchy hats, gloves, socks or other garments where you need elasticity and shielding. High conductivity increases when stretched in one direction and decreases as it stretched in the opposite direction. The silver coating has a purity level of 99.9%. Silver/grey in color. Shielding performance of 30-50 dB. Material is tested from 1-10 GHz.


  • Width: Approximately 135 cm wide
  • Weight: 4.3 oz/yd²
  • Thickness: 0.40 mm
  • Stretch: ~100% in length direction; ~65% in width direction
  • Surface resistivity is < 1 Ohm/sq. (unstretched)
  • Temperature range: -30 to 90°C



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