VeilShield is a high shielding mesh style fabric created to be highly transparent and for high-level performance. Combining a 40 dB (or better) shield, the fabric is ultra-lightweight and flexible, 70% light transmission and 0.1 Ohm/m2 resistance. It measures 58 inches in width and is made of woven 132/inch mesh fibres that are coated with Zinc-blackened Nickel over Copper to provide better resistance against corrosion. Not suitable for lengthy skin contact if you are allergic to nickel. The fabric is “transparent” black and very simple to utilize.


  • Width: 58 inch
  • Thickness: .057 mm
  • Weight: 40 g/m²
  • Resistivity: 0.1 Ohm/sq
  • Color: black (virtually transparent)
  • Conductor: Zinc/Nickel/Copper plated



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