For years, I was an intense personality, living an extreme lifestyle. To my credit, I worked out daily, had a spiritual practice, adhered to a vegan grain-free, sugar-free diet, juice cleansed regularly. I really did walk the health walk.

I also started my own business. Ran the rat race at warp speed. Stayed up to the wee hours and felt urgencies about all aspects of my life. And then, I started to hit roadblock after roadblock and was forced to the realization that something was radically amiss. My life was out of control.


I was diagnosed with all of the following: Graves’ disease, osteoporosis, severe adrenal fatigue, leaky gut and amenorrhea. I was living non-stop from my sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight). All these pathological conditions left me with low energy, depression., brain fog, lack of focus, forgetfulness and moodiness. I was irritable and cranky and quick to anger. There was a constant hidden struggle for me to get simply through the day. 

Was it mold?

Perhaps it originated with my growing up in a moldy home. But my adult lifestyle wasn’t helping. The toll on my body and mind that my lifestyle decisions had made was horribly destructive. I was desperate for help and made several decisions to reclaim my health. Ditched my bad relationship. I left my career in production. Collected a mounting supply of supplements, nutrition protocols and a myriad of health practitioners in a bid to find anything to help reverse my long list of conditions. I came to understand the origin of the problem. Even though the symptoms all resided within my body, the problem began in my brain. My brain was losing energy.

The road to health

The road back to health, which I will enumerate in subsequent newsletters, was a veritable rollercoaster of stress. Some of it was good stress (eustress) and some bad (distress).  Let’s just say that in my pursuit back to health, I taxed my psycho-emotional nervous system way more than I would have liked and perhaps even more than I should have.  But, in the end, I came to understand an important principle of regaining and maintaining health. It is vital and even necessary to instigate a Hormetic Response (learn more about Hormesis Effect) in order to develop sympathetic nerves of steel.


Contemporary researchers and clinicians understand that sleep is the key to health.  I regulated my sleep by creating habits and rituals.  I shielded my bedroom from EMF, creating, in essence, a faraday-style sleep-sanctuary. Getting better sleep made me both less unpredictably aggressive and less unreasonably emotional.

I am happy to report that my days of compulsivity and lashing out at hapless random people are gone, with very few exceptions.  My business became successful. I developed loving and meaningful relationships. I treated my mom better. (Sorry Mum for those outbursts back then.  You know I love you.)

You can too

If you are feeling, as I did, like a runaway train. If you have come to the point where you know that you want and need to reclaim control of your life, your health and your emotional balance, perhaps I can help. Take the time to discover my hacks, strategies and techniques for upping your restorative sleep and ultimately restore your body and brain and attain the health that you deserve.

CLICK HERE to read more about how to biohack your bedroom!


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