Advanced Cellular Detox

A Natural Heavy Metal Chelation Protocol

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“Prevention is the cure.Preventing the root cause that can lead to chronic illnesses is the easiest and often, most effective way to keep them from raising their ugly heads. The best doctors “treat” their patients with prevention rather than cures.”

Detoxification is the removal of potentially toxic substances from the body. All of us are exposed 24/7 to chemical pollutants in the air we breathe, the water we drink and the foods we eat.

VitalHome Advanced Cellular Detox System safely removes toxins from the body and prevents their reabsorption through the intestines.

As humans we are plagued with neurotoxic exposures from lead, mercury, mold etc. The typical American has over 200 environmental chemicals in their blood at any given time. Put these toxins together with EMF exposure and you have the perfect storm.

EMFs are contributing to our toxic load. There is a very strong synergistic effect between EMF exposure and toxin exposure, especially heavy metals, or pesticides, or certain classes of chemicals. EMFs open the calcium channels. This causes calcium influx into the cell which causes a cascade of issues such as :DNA damage,depression, loss of energy, poor immunity, weight gain and insomnia to name just a few.

Detoxification protocols often are done incorrectly, unsafely, and most programs do virtually nothing.

The Program

Cellular toxicity lead to most of today’s chronic health conditions. We lead your body through a strategic process towards restoration of your health, using safe and natural methods with both traditional and cutting edge science.

1. Prep Phase

The goal is to prepare the cellular detox pathways for successful and safe detox. This phase is very important to prepare for proper detoxification and to reduce detox reactions.

  • Establishes methylation
  • Restore cellular energy
  • Nourishes cellular receptors
  • Reseeds the gut with high potency strains of bacteria
  • Nourishes cellular membranes
  • Improves liver and kidney function

2. Body Phase

The goal is to clear the body for deeper detox into nerve tissues. Because toxins move from higher concentration to lower, this allows the toxins to be removed easier.

It is in this phase that we start to move toxins from the body.

3. Brain Phase

The goal is to mobilize deep toxins from the brain and nerve tissue. Fat-soluble binders are used in this phase to cross the blood brain barrier.

This phase is where lives get transformed.

What to Expect / Our Approach

The detox protocol is 100% customized to YOU.

  • The program takes 2 months to complete
  • Two appointments each month per program
  • You will be give manageable action / detox steps designed for your unique situation and your unique body.
  • A personalized portfolio and plan, including a personal health assessment
  • Full analysis of your current eating, exercise and supplement regimen


We may use a multitude of tests to ascertain why you’re experiencing your symptoms. These tests are not diagnostic, meaning, not the same as a medical test run by your doctor. Instead, they look at the how well (or impaired) metabolic processes are functioning within your body.

Food sensitivity test:

This looks for an up-regulated immune response to specific foods. Many symptoms are exacerbated by hidden food sensitivities: joint pain, depression, food cravings, IBS, headaches, weight gain, fatigue and hypothyroidism

GI Effects test:

The most comprehensive test available for digestive disorders. It looks for parasites, yeast and bacteria that could be causing digestive distress. It also assesses your good microflora as well as how well you are digesting and absorbing your nutrients. Your gut microflora influences your digestion, mood, weight and energy.

Adrenal and neurotransmitter test:

Stressed, anxious, depressed, fatigued and can’t lose weight? We might run an adrenal and neurotransmitter test to determine if cortisol, adrenaline, serotonin, dopamine, and gaba are out of balance.