Did you know the average person may spend more than 26 years of their life sleeping? Lets hope those 26 years are well spent and full of restorative sleep instead of counting sheep.

The benefits of deep sleep are numerous:

  • Weight management
  • Stay healthier for longer
  • Perform at your best
  • Maximize cognitive functions
  • Look your best with increased collagen production and cellular hydration
  • Be more productive
  • Avoid confusing hunger with anger
  • Heal and restore

Have you tried it all and you still cannot get restorative sleep?

  • Medications
  • sleep apps
  • supplements
  • diets
  • clinics
  • caffeine abstinence

We have helped every person who has completed our program to sleep again.

Bad sleep can contribute to:

  • Disruptions in cell function and DNA repair
  • Premature aging
  • Weight gain
  • Impaired sperm and egg integrity
  • Hypertension
  • Irritability
  • Depression

Invisible Cause?

Studies show our body’s number one sleep deterrent is the radiation being emitted from house wiring and electrical devices plugged in which cause superficial sleep or insomnia.

How does Exposure to EMF’s contribute to sleeplessness?

EMF destroys melatonin production which is essential for our night-time repair cycle. Depriving the brain of restorative sleep function triggers viruses, arthritis, diabetes, cancer, reproductive, neurological and cardiac diseases. EMF exposure at night disrupts cell function which compromises the immune system. Health can begin to suffer as one’s physical, emotional and mental processes begin to break down.

Give Your Body a Sleep Sanctuary:

Your bedroom should be a healing sanctuary, not a place that robs you of the rest your body requires for optimum health.

Give yourself a respite from relentlessly pervasive EMF during the most important hours of all – your vital, regenerative sleep time.

EMF sleep disturbance could be something you are suffering from without you even knowing it.

Our Process

Stage 1

We do an exhaustive sleep scoring exercise with you and test the following:

• Resting heart rate
• Heart rate variability
• Body temperature deviation.
• Average nocturnal respiratory rate
• Sleep cycles
• REM Sleep
• Deep Sleep
• Light sleep
• Review your evening sleep ritual
• Review your diet
• Review movement

Stage 2

Solutions to kickstart a healthy sleep cycle

• Pineal gland optimization to produce melatonin again.(Please note: taking melatonin supplements destroys your body’s ability to make it endogenously).
• Dietary changes that enhance circadian biology
• Plant medicine and herbs to enhance sleep based on chronotype
• Protocols to mobilize toxins from the brain
• Stress counseling
• Movement
EMF shielding of the bedroom if necessary

The goal is to get your body back to producing the necessary amounts of neurotransmitters to help you stay asleep

Stage 3

Sleep score retesting.

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