Would you like to inhale deeply and breathe in fresh air in your home? Would you love to feel a sense of deep well being? Imagine the sensation of  your body relaxing, wouldn’t you want this too?

We lead you through basic steps to purify your home for better air quality, better water quality and reduced EMF exposure.

State of the art in home ecology, we offer assessments for a new BioHealthy home design and/or construction. Advice in choosing the right non toxic products as well as the best techniques and practices. We offer the latest indoor air quality, water purification and energy saving technologies.

At VitalHome we teach you how to live a naturally healthy life in our electromagnetic and otherwise polluted world.


How to safely and effectively reduce toxic exposures to achieve powerful detoxification.

Purification techniques include:

  • Top line construction, furniture, fabrics, gadgets and products in a green, serene environment.
  • Shielding from external sources of radiation
  • Hard-wired shielded networking and phone lines
  • Natural building materials & finishes including formaldehyde free wood composites and fiberboards.
  • Sustainable building, natural radiant heating and strategic ventilation
  • VOC free paints, flooring and carpeting
  • Low-EMF shielded electrical wiring
  • Grounding equipment
  • Organic shielded fabrics, bedding and cleaning products
  • Water and air purification systems
  • Lighting equipment and blue light protection