Indoor Water Quality

We offer the absolute best custom water solution.Water is the essence of life and we are 99% water by molecule.

The whole house and individual filters work on hundreds of contaminants and to select the right one for your situation, we test! We don’t guess!

  • Is your water fluoridated?
  • Does your municipality use chlorine or chloramine?
  • Is your water soft or hard?

The EPA lists 97 contaminants in drinking water though there are potentially thousands more. These contaminants have been associated with cardiac concerns, kidney damage and increased risk of cancer. Municipal drinking water contains chlorine and its by-products. These include chloramine, mutagen x, chloroform, trihalomethanes, pharmaceuticals, microplastics and litany of other toxins.

Dissolved volatile organic gases are found in most American water systems. If you have well water, there is risk for radon and/or uranium in the well water. Most water purifiers do not remove dissolved heavy metals. Many houses with public water have electrical current on the water pipes. This releases copper and aluminum from the pipes and moves the metals into the drinking water.

To remove these contaminants a water filter is vital, not only for drinking water but also your shower and bath. With our water quality testing service, we include a report on the compounds found in the water along with particulate counts.

There are a huge variety of filters on the market today, from table-top plastic jugs to whole house filtration systems. Factors we take into consideration when pairing you with the ideal water system are cost, counter space, level of water contamination, under-sink space, water pressure etc.

“A little known fact is that the body can absorb even more toxins from water when showering than what is taken in through drinking water!”