Virtual Home Inspections are the perfect way to test your home for EMF toxicity, especially if you are on a budget. In a virtual inspection you will receive the testing equipment to use for one week, with provided set-up instructions.

The advantages are that you get access to some of the best testing equipment on the market and you’ll receive one-on-one guidance to explain readings, provide recommendations for correction, and to answer questions. After your inspection, you will send this equipment back using prepaid postage.

Once the the assessment is complete , we will review all of your tests results with you, explain what the results mean as well as what action needs to be taken to address each reading.

Best practice is to have the equipment arrive on a Friday to allow you to complete the testing over the weekend and then return the equipment on Monday.

Once purchased additional shipping costs may be incurred depending on location and insurance options. We will discuss this specifically with you.