What are binders?

Binders are magnets for toxins. The magnetic action attracts and grabs toxins in the intestines and pulls them out.

Top reasons to bind

GET THAT TOXIN OUT TODAY. The longer a toxin remains in your body, the more cellular damage takes place. Mutated cells increase the risk of disease development. Get that toxin out today instead of having it recirculate. Toxins are arguably the main root causes of disease creation.

CONSERVE YOUR ENERGY. Your body expends vast reserves of energy re-circulating toxins. Detoxification frees up your resources to be put to better use. This includes hormone and neurotransmitter production, wound healing, autophagy and apoptosis.  And best of all, it turns the lights back on.  You will start recalling names, SAT words and where you left those darn keys!

BINDERS ARE RISK FREE. Unlike many natural medicines and supplements, binders are very safe and side-effect free.